Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013

Poem For Girl

She Doesn’t Know It

She doesn’t know it, even in the darkest hours, I’m still wide awake, protecting her. I won’t even let a mosquito harm her. To me, she is more precious and lovely compared to anything else. She is my life, and without her, I have no reason to exist.

She doesn’t know it. She barely registers my presence. She doesn’t know how my heart beats wildly whenever she’s near. She doesn’t know that I’d have given her the universe.

She is a sound sleeper, my love. She didn’t know when a burglar attempted a break-in. I used all of my strength to kick him away. The sound of broken furniture did not even make her flinch. That’s okay because I like seeing her safely tucked, beautifully asleep.

She doesn’t know that right now she is in grave danger. She doesn’t know that a coiled serpent is crawling towards her, ready to strike. I try to warn her but my throat is hoarse, my furry skin is clammy, the bite from the cunning snake is still burning on my back. I can’t meow or growl in protest, I feel very, very cold …

She doesn’t know that my visions are hazy, and I feel really, really weird … she doesn’t know that perhaps any minute now I’ll be …

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